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White Crocheted Baby Blanket


White Crocheted Baby Blanket

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This luxurious contemporary white crocheted baby blanket, christening shawl, baptism blanket, baby blanket, pram blanket, lap blanket or throw is handmade by me for you.

A unique feature of this blanket is that it’s double-sided, ie., no wrong or right side so totally flexible. It’s deliciously soft and tactile and, as the autumn nights draw in, you can look forward to tons of relaxing and rejuvenating time wrapped up in this lovely woolly wonderfulness.

Whether its me-with-me-time, or me with you time, you can look forward to hours of cosiness cuddling up with you, your baby and/or loved one on the sofa. What bliss! All you need to make this chill time perfect, is my comforting contemporary hand crocheted woolly loveliness to wrap around you. 🙂

This item can be used as blanket or throw and is available in a variety of different sizes. This makes it ideal for babies, toddlers, teens or adults – it just depends on the size you choose. Its versatility means this item can be configured as a baby floor mat, pram blanket, toddler blanket, lap blanket or throw. Essentially, I can custom make this crocheted blanket or throw to suit your requirements. You just need to tell me what you need!

The versatility of the design means it’s adaptable and can be made to your specification. Just let me know the size and colour you want and ta-dah, your wish shall come true!

If you want to blow the budget, I can also produce this item using premium yarn such as merino or alpaca – if you need a vegan friendly, cotton or organic version, I can create this too. Just inbox me and I’ll sort it.

So why can I be so flexible? It’s all down to the simple yet elegant design. This is just one of the benefits of a custom, handmade product. You get what you want, in the size and colour you want, no hassle!

This handmade crocheted blanket, as featured in this listing, features a fabulous frothy frill. The frill ads fun and character and who doesn’t need a dose of that?! If you want something different, let’s talk!

Just so you know, the item featured in this listing was a custom order made for a Christening present. Do you have a special occasion coming up which requires something custom made and unique? Think about it. This crocheted baby blanket, pram blanket, lap blanket or throw could be just what you need.

I can make this blanket/throw in a variety of sizes or colours so it fits and complements your needs and surroundings. So just ask!

I also offer a gift-wrapping service. So don’t hesitate, order now for your gift to someone special (and that including you!)… With a crocheted blanket from Citron Tree UK you’ve got it all wrapped up!

The item show in the image is 80cm x 100cm (approx. 30″ x 35″).

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